Stock Bare Cylinders for 74" & 80" - Pair

Stock Bare Cylinders for 74" & 80" - Pair

Cylinders, Heads, Pistons & Valves

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This pair of stock cylinders fit 74", 80", 84", 88" & 92" engines. We have taken great care to develop a superior set of cylinders in every single respect. Metal has been added between the intake manifold nipple and head gasket surface which results in the head gasket surface having more support which increases gasket sealing in this area, a typical Indian weak spot. KIWI cylinders have upgraded cast iron to meet the latest SAE automotive specifications which has resulted in KIWI cylinders being harder for greater cylinder wear resistance and higher overall tensile strength. 40-53 cylinders can be fitted to 35-39 models (fin size differs). Cylinder base strength has been increased by utilizing the square base design and thicker flange. Cylinder bores are finished slightly undersized for final sizing. We will gladly finish cylinders any way you would like in our service dept, e.g. cylinders honed to size, valve guides installed, valve jobs, powder coating through to fully assembled for you to bolt to your engine, etc. There is no doubt that KIWI top-end components are the best money can buy for your Indian.

Note: Includes valve guides, otherwise bare