Collection: Replicas

All Kiwi motorcycles are handcrafted and proudly made in America by master craftsman. We use only the finest American made raw materials in the manufacture of our motorcycles. Each motorcycle is lovingly handcrafted right down to each engine component thus making these awesome motorcycles the most custom-made motorcycles in America today. Even each engine component has been carefully redesigned whether it be, crankcases, connecting rods, valves, cams, heads, etc. We proudly make each part of your motorcycle in our own facility for the ultimate in quality control, fit, and durability. We don't compromise. It's the Kiwi way.

  • 1911 Board Track Racer Chassis Kit
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  • 1917 Kiwi PowerPlus Chassis Kit
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  • 1920s 101 Chout Chassis Kit
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  • 1939 Chieftain Chassis Kit
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  • HD Board Tracker Chassis Kit
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