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Only Kiwi Indian Motorcycles has the experience TO DELIVER QUALITY.

Thank you for your interest in our original Indians we have for sale. I’ve been involved with Indians since 1977 so with this kind of expertise it’s self-explanatory why I sell so many Indians worldwide. You can buy with confidence. Indians have always been a thing of beauty and in the last few years people have realized it’s investment qualities. While the stock market goes up and down, Indians continue to appreciate no matter what the stock market does. Unlike the stock market when it tanks and poof it’s gone, you will always have your Indian in the garage looking good and in running condition to go for a fun ride.

I sell a lot of Indians and I usually have a waiting list of people wanting them. If you are looking for a certain year, color, condition, price range or whatever, please reach out to me and I will keep an eye out for you. I do my best to keep this page updated however with the volume of bikes I sell, most do not get listed and go straight to its new owner. I’m here to be of service to you so please feel free to reach out at 951-780-5400 or

Mike Kiwi Tomas