KIWI Piston Kit for 74" & 80" - Standard

KIWI Piston Kit for 74" & 80" - Standard

Cylinders, Heads, Pistons & Valves

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KIWI performance design, we have improved the strength and reduced the noise generated by the piston knocking on the cylinder wall.

Note: For use with 41711-R replacement rings ONLY

KIWI pistons are made in the USA supplied with rings, pin and clips & are priced per piston (per cylinder). 84" pistons come level with the top of the cylinder require the use of 93102 74" heads (no piston protrusion). 88" pistons protrude 1/8" above the cylinders (like Bonne 74") and require the use of 93106 heads. 92" pistons protrude 3/16" above the cylinders (like 80") and require the use of 350016 heads.

KIWI Indian 86516 and 86516-R pistons offer a superior design utilizing the latest engineering design. Never before has so much R&D been put into updating the old, dinosaur Indian pistons. (Diagram "A")

KIWI pistons feature:

  • Solid slipper skirt design increases skirt rigidity (less flexing & increased strength) which reduces piston noise.
  • Skirts have a special cam grind for greater piston stability during all operating temperatures and engine rpm ranges which also reduces noise.
  • Pistons come TIN coated. TIN allows for easy break-in, reduces the chances of seizing, reduces friction and noise.
  • The wrist pin is offset from the center of the piston towards the thrust face (rear) for quieter operation throughout the whole RPM range.
  • The Wrist pin bosses have oil troughs for added pin lubrication and increased life.
  • Low expansion alloy ideally suited for Indian air-cooled engines.
  • Top ring groove is farther down from the top of the piston to keep direct combustion temperatures away from the top ring especially for 80" engines