1911 Board Track Racer

Dare devil balls out racing on race tracks made of wooden planks with up to 60 degree banked corners where man and machine ran wide open at in excess of 100 mph with no brakes, throttle wired wide open in which speed was only controlled with a kill switch. Kiwi brings this model back to life somewhat tamed to be joyfully ridden on the street. Kiwi's heart throbbing and powerful 84ci Flathead engine moves your butt back in its seat while shifting through the gears, shift into overdrive and now you are just cruising. And when it comes time to stop, Kiwi's stylish 10" rotors bring you to a fast stop. Kiwi's unique 3 piece drop handlebars allow for infinite adjustments. Rotate handlebar ends upwards for street cruising and reset them down low to show off your ride. Or just leave them low for the ultimate feeling of a pure breed race bike. Be prepared to play tour guide each time you stop since everyone will be drooling over your ride and wanting to know its year and race history.​

*Kiwi Board Track Racer*
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Rolling chassis kit includes the following:

  • Frame/forks, Neck bearings/cups/nuts,
  • Handlebar center section,
  • Drop down bars,
  • Wheels (alum hubs and rims, stainless spokes, powder coated black hubs/rims),
  • Rotors (10" stainless steel), Calipers/hangers/attachments (black or polished aluminum),
  • Axles/spacers,
  • Rear sprocket,
  • Tanks with caps,
  • Rear fender with brackets,
  • Oil tank in rear fender, Battery cradle, Misc hardware.

Complete Specs


  • 84 cubic inch Flathead 42 deg engine Dry sump lubrication
  • Roller bearing lower end
  • Forged connecting rods
  • High performance Bonneville Cams and followers
  • Low maintenance valve adjusters
  • 4 speed overdrive and synchromesh transmission Maintenance free CV Carburetor



  • Electronic speedometer (see options)
  • Charging warning light
  • Chrome dash panel
  • Indian face horn
  • Hi output 12 volt Cycle Electric generator
  • Internal control handlebars with internal horn and high/low headlight wiring



  • Comfort spring frame made from DOM American made tubing
  • Aerodraulic (hydraulic) forks with modern dampening
  • Internal fork stops
  • Chrome handlebars
  • Internal control handlebars
  • Chrome front brake lever assembly
  • Fork shield (behind headlight)
  • Indian logo rubber hand grips
  • Chrome fender trim
  • Tool box (left side mounting)
  • Oil in front right side tank
  • Polished stainless gas/oil caps
  • Comfort suspension seat post with genuine leather solo seat
  • Chrome alloy wheel hubs
  • Chrome 16" rims
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • 27 degree rake
  • 16" wheels
  • Hydraulic brakes with 10" Kiwi rotors
  • Dual piston calipers front and rear
  • Powder coated frame
  • Polished forks
  • Black brake and clutch pedals
  • Indian logo pedal pads
  • Chrome exhaust



  • Electric starter
  • Foot change/hand clutch
  • Any color combo and paint scheme
  • Tank logos/Indian Headress
  • Custom Indian arrowhead speedometer dial face
  • 18" wheels
  • Modern tread pattern tires
  • Chum-me seat (2 person)
  • Saddlebags
  • Luggage rack
  • Windshield
  • Front and rear fender tips
  • Rear fender bumper
  • Front and rear highway bars
  • Polished engine, primary and transmission
  • Chrome brake and clutch pedals