Kiwi's Fenders & Tanks

A lot of people have called me wanting me to manufacture fenders and tanks as there is no more US supply line. I have heard you and I have signed an exclusive agreement with a well-respected US stamping company to manufacture Indian fenders as a 1st step.

I will be reproducing them exactly as the Indian factory did. I’ve had the original factory prints for 30 years and I have been carefully studying them ever since. I will be stamping front and rear fenders from 1935 to 1953 initially however 32-34 and 101 Scout fenders are also under consideration for a later date. As you can well imagine it’s a huge investment (well over $100,000.00) just in dies/tooling for fenders but they will be done perfectly. My stamping company does intricate military contract work and their attention to detail is very impressive, to say the least. These fenders will be absolutely spot on with laser trimming as the final step to ensure 100% consistent quality.

I have also committed to stamping out gas tanks. These will be made of heavier gauge steel than the stock tanks and MIG/TIG welded for no leaks.

Needless to say, I will be stamping a lot more parts for Indian motorcycles. All Kiwi stampings are made right here in the USA.