Center Stand - 1940-45 Models

Stands - Center & Rear

SKU: 75571

Usage: The best way to place the motorcycle on the center stand is to pull out the side stand and lean/pivot the motorcycle onto it. Then pull down the center stand, set the bike vertically, and onto the center stand. The reason for this is the two tabs on the frame that the center stand mount is not overly strong. If the motorcycle is pulled back onto the center stand as you would do on other motorcycles, it will eventually break off the frame mounting tabs. Or if you have a friend around when it comes time to place the motorcycle on the center stand, have them pull back gently on the rear bumper making sure the stand does not slam up against the frame stoppers.

Caution: If your motorcycle is placed on the center stand and it goes too far over center (the rear wheel is almost making contact with the ground), this indicates either worn stoppers on the stand or frame. This can be reclaimed by building up the two flat spots on the top side of the stand. The two flat spots make contact with the mating part of the frame, so by building these two stoppers up, you will refurbish it to its original condition. Ensure that both stoppers make contact with their mating parts simultaneously to spread the load evenly between them.

Note: 819001 stand and 811001 spring can be retrofitted to 40-45 models. Some light-duty modifications are necessary to the battery cradle or purchase a new one p/n 75563.