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We step up to the plate as we are the only company in the world that manufactures complete new proprietary Indian engines and replica bikes further proof that we build the best parts, that’s the KIWI difference. Within our website, you will also see me riding my Indians all over the country and world (and never with any backup vehicle) proving my products are the best. We know you want the best and that’s what we stand for.

Note: Throughout our manufacturing process we ensure our exhausts fit properly when used together as a set. There can be variations to your Indian that are beyond our control. This is not the fault of the exhaust itself as each cylinder can move around on the crankcase during assembly, factory exhaust port outlet machining can vary, engine fit into the frame, tweaked frames and so on. These are all beyond our control but rest assured I have done everything possible from a manufacturing and experience standpoint to ensure a proper fit

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