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All Kiwi wiring harnesses are manufactured as per originals with authentic cloth covered wire and woven harness covering. Kiwi wiring harnesses do cost more as we provide the most authentic harnesses. Made in the USA.

Safety Notice: We strongly suggest fitting a circuit breaker to your bike for safety. If a short ever develops you and your motorcycle will be safely guarded and will not burn to the ground. We prefer a circuit breaker over a fuse as this eliminates the hassle of carrying spare fuses which can leave you stranded. This is a must.

Horn Wiring: Original wiring schematics show the horn button wired up hot all the time which is bad. If a short should occur, your bike will meltdown. We suggest rewiring it to the ignition terminal on the switch so when the ignition switch is off, all power to the horn is off too.

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