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The Kiwi electric starter is sold as a kit ready to install to your motorcycle. This unit is easy to install and does not require any modifications to your bike as we have designed this assembly to tuck nicely in behind the chain guard. Your kickstart stud will have to be removed from the frame and replaced with the 39933 Kiwi offset stud so as to obtain the correct chain tension. The electrical system has to be upgraded to 12v (see Generator section). My new high capacity battery sits neatly on top of the starter unit. Electric starter kit includes everything other than 39933 offset stud and Battery. If you have a 1952-53 model you will need to order KI-10330-BR separately. The wiring and starter button is included. It’s the slickest thing for your Indian that has ever been invented.

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I just wanted to let you know that I now have the Electric Start installed on my ‘48 Chief and I LOVE it! Sooo much simpler to start and not have to worry about stalling out on the road as I’m still getting used to this foot clutch… It’s really well designed and looks pretty cool too!


Thought you might appreciate hearing from a really happy customer!


Jeff F