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1946 Chief

Serial No 109. 
This bike is the 9th out of the factory in 1946 and is the lowest serial number off the production line surviving Chief in the world. 1946 was a big year. The war had ended and Indian entered a new booming era with its girder forks, return to skirted fenders, updated brakes and wheels and other refinements. 
Own what I would call the most historically important Chief in the post war era in the world.

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1936 Chief

Matching engine and frame numbers. 
This is a very original bike I got off an old boy who had it since he was a youngster. It’s been sitting around for a long time but no rust. He said it ran good before he parked it. 
1936 Chiefs to me is the beginning of the modern Chief models with its better oil pump and distributor ignition. 
This bike has the correct gas tanks which are pretty rare. I refer to these as the “pregnant gas tanks as one side bulges out to fit between the frame rails. 
New dash panel and instrumentation. 
This is a very decent bike. 

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1948 Chief

Matching eng/frame number bike. 
Restored chassis. 
Fresh top end. Engine looks fresh. 
The owner passed away and never got to finish his restoration. Looks like 
this is an easy bike for you to take to the finish line (small things like wiring, handlebar control cables, speedo drive/cable, front brake lever/cable, horn, etc). 
I will add a new plain solo seat in black or tan (your choice, the one in the pic is used). 
If you are looking for an easy light weight fun project that you just want to tinker with to get on the road, this is the bike for you. 
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1948 Chief basket case

Good honest solid parts perfect for a top class build. Perfect project

1948 Chief basket case

1953 Chief

One owner bike with all the correct goodies on it including the correct 1953 tanks. This bike has always been a together bike which he show painted just before his passing. Runs awesome. Easy starting bike. Extremely sharp bike that will not disappoint. Ride it off into the sunset. One of the best 1953's I've ever come across.

1953 Chief 1

1946-48 rolling chassis restoration projects with engine

(engine includes all the usual non wear parts). Name your year as we have tons of parts to make your next project come true.

1946 48 rolling chassis1

1946-48 rolling chassis restoration projects without engine

Name your year as we have tons of parts to make your next project come true.




1938 Chief No 7 off the production line. This bike is the lowest serial No 1938 Chief in the world so you can own a true collector bike. 
A genuinely original bike utilizing mostly original parts throughout its restoration. If you get in early enough you can pick your color. 
You can be the owner of the 1st surviving 1938 Chief off the production line in the world.
1945 Chief serial No 116 (16th out of the factory in 1945).
Original survivor bike with rebuilt engine. Very cool bike. 
1947 Chief project. 
1946 Chief project 
1946-48 Chief basket cases. We have them.