Brakes and assemblies  

Hanger: Available in polished aluminum or black
(axle spacers are included)

Caliper: Available in polished aluminum, chrome or black Axle:
3/4", plain finish with hex nuts $49.99  

Kiwi hangers are heavy duty so as not to twist under breaking. Hanger include spacers to suit 3/4" axle. Front caliper hanger to suit 10" rotor  

Front caliper hanger to suit 10" rotor, aluminum finish $149.99  

Rear caliper hanger to suit 10" rotor, black $149.99  

Rear caliper hanger to suit 10" rotor, aluminum finish $149.99  

Dual piston caliper, black $279.99  

Dual piston caliper, alum/chrome $279.99

Anchor fishtail
(fits between caliper and what connecting rod anchors to) alum finish $39.99  

Connecting rod (connects between forks and caliper) plain finish $59.99


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Indian Motorcycle Wheels

Indian Motorcycle Brakes

Brakes and assemblies

Hanger to suit 10'' Rotors (spacer included)
  Black KI11315 $49.99
  Polished KI11316 $49.99

Dual Piston Caliper
  Black KI11318 $279.99
  Polished KI11319 $319.99

Hanger to suit 11.5'' Rotors (spacer included)
  Black KI11322 $69.99
  Polished KI11323 $69.99

Chrome Anchor rod with heims (2) $59.99

Rotor, front 10'' $149.99

Rotor, rear $149.99

Bolt Kit for rotor, front $19.99

Bolt Kit for rear $19.99



10" stainless steel rotor 149.99 Rotor Allen head bolt kit 19.99 Rotors are available as a front or rear (state which) *Front brake rotor P/N KIW010F $149.99
Rear Brake Rotor P/N KIW010R $149.99

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Indian Motorcycle Rotor

Brake levers:

Available in Chrome or black

Call to order 951-780-5400Brake Lever Indian Motorcycle


Antique 500x16 tire. -878005B (Solid black tire)

Antique Whitewall 500x16 Tire - 878005BW (whitewall tire)

Indian Motorcycle Tire WhitewallIndian Motorcycle Tire Blackwall

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Rims and Spokes


Indian Motorcycle Wheels Spokes

Complete wheel: 899.99 (includes bearings) Rim sizes: 16", 18" and 21". Rim finishes: Available in Chrome, polished aluminum and black. Narrow hub: Available in chrome and black (includes bearings). Spokes: Stainless steel

New 16" chrome wheels with stainless steel spokes

Indian Motorcycle Wheels Stainless

These wheels are extremely high quality with long lasting triple chrome plating for years or corrosion resistance. Stainless steel spokes provide long lasting luster and durability with no chance of breakage. Wheel hub is high quality powdercoated black with long lasting and positive sealing neoprene outer seal. These rims are the highest quality on the market and reasonably priced.

We also supply our wheels completely outfitted with the tire of your choice and ready to fit once you receive them.

Hubs & Axels

Wheel hub:
Available in Chrome or black (includes bearings)
Narrow Front Hub (Chrome) P/N KIWH001C $239.99

Indian Motorcycle Hubs Axles