Want a truly custom American made Flat head that you can get your rocks off on then look no further.
Kiwi's newly manfactured Flat head engine is pure sex at its finest. Handcrafted in California these beauties don't disappoint.
Kiwi MotorCycle Company has been specializing in old school rides for almost 30 years. Engines are well suited for old school rides such as bobbers, choppers, board track racers and custom motorcycles. Their engine is a 42 deg, 84 ci V-twin configuration. Bore & stroke is 3-1/4 x 5". Engines come in cast or polished finishes. Engines can be supplied complete with transmission, primary and clutch or can be designed to hook up to Evo transmissions. Engines are designed for durability and reliability and feature a compact design.

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