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JoeSibbsDriven Prolong

2012 - 25th Anniversary Rolling Thunder Build
Representing The U.S. Coast Guard.

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Departed June 16. I'm riding from Riverside to the Dixon Ca antique mc show.

CG-1 back home in the stable. Colorado to Riverside Calif, 850 miles in 1 day. Not my longest one day ride on an Indian as that was 926 miles all on back roads. I lost about 2-1/2 hours looking for a replacement kickstart pedal assembly and general sight seeing/picture taking. Also hit some very strong head winds for 100 miles near Barstow Calif. Life is too short not to enjoy the adventures. Total trip was 2815 miles through some of the most remote and baron countryside in America but that's what makes it challenging. Anyone can do it on a modern bike and by freeway. I have a saying, "Turn a ride into an adventure, ride an Indian"

Following Dixon, next stop Colorado Road run which is Ouray. Both rides on the CG 1.