Oil pumps are disassembled down to a bare body and carefully inspected for wear and tell tail signs of imperfections. All surfaces are inspected and resurfaced if necessary. New gears, bushings and shafts are installed and clearances double checked.

Feed plunger and bore is measured for clearance. If excessive we have the plunger built up with hard chrome and re-ground and custom fitted to the plunger bore. This brings the pump back to brand new factory condition.

Build price includes pump being run up on our oil pump dyno tester. (shown below)

Note: We have a specially designed and dedicated oil pump dyno tester that provides accurate and repeatable results. Our dyno tester is specifically designed to hold the pump at a set rpm for a specific amount of time simulating engine rpm which measures flow in both the feed and return sides of the pump. Pump has to fall within a very specific range. Usually this can take quite some time especially on aluminum (1948-53) pumps which eliminates any guess work. This is the heart pump of the engine.

Usually we like to do a pre test just to see if the oil pump is part of the engine failure. Aluminum (1948-53) pumps are highly susceptible to problems and require plenty of careful attention as they are a very particular pump. We cut no corners.