Crack repairs

Machining after crack repairs.

Thread repairs.

Flywheel thrust washer surfaces.

Worn off flywheel dowel pins.

Damaged flywheel shaft hole tapers. This usually requires a lot of lapping time which can also lead to extra truing time on the truing stand.

Flywheels that have been improperly balanced and are drilled like Swiss cheese and need the balance holes being filled back in to balance correctly.

Non factory matched or improperly machined flywheels that will not true up. This can only be determined at time of flywheel assembly.

If either pushrod or pushrod guide does not have the appropriate oil groove these will need to be machined or replaced with ones that are.

Original cadmium plated fastenings. Our preference is to use stainless steel fastenings which have had their head markings removed.

Polished cases.

Converting pre 47 cases to accept 47 style scraper.

Cylinder nipple replacement.

Cylinder sleeving.

Cylinder head gasket face or cylinder base resurfacing.

Valve seat inserts.

Oversize valve guides.

Recessing heads for 80� or Bonneville pop up pistons.

Head and cylinder fin repair.

Spark plug insert replacement.

Worn oil pump plunger or bore. If these are worm we will hard chrome the plunger and regrind its outside diameter