Many people may wonder why the cost variations from builder to builder however we want to point out just some of the lengths we go to. You will most likely find us the most expensive however you will also find us to be the very best and the most knowledgeable. We aim to give you an honest price up front as we don't bait and switch. We prefer to be honest up front about things. The things that can vary are how damaged some of the main componentry can be once things are pulled apart. I can assure you from past experience that while your engine may run fine, once we get into it and inspect things closer, there are always the usual things that are worn out, distorted or cracked on an Indian regardless as to how it was running. Keep in mind there's been around 60 years of different hands trying to keep it on the road. We go to extensive lengths to pay attention to even the smallest of details so you know that you are getting the best job possible.

My background is specializing in engine rebuilding since about age 12 and when I left school some years later I became an apprentice Automotive Machinist (engine re-builder) working my way up to tradesman level (A grade).

The number one killer today of Indian engines is improper cleaning of the internals or contamination during assembly. For this reason we spend a lot of time just in the cleaning process. We have a dedicated $10,000.00 ultrasonic cleaner specifically addressing the cleaning issue plus we also do several follow up hand washes afterwards just to be extra safe. While some may dismiss this as being over anal, we have been in the fortunate position to have done many failure analysis for clients and other re-builders that have had engines prematurely fail at as low as 100 miles. In every single case bar one, it has been due to improper cleaning.

The following list is just some of the steps we take and are by no means complete. We actually do these things and just not offer lip service. We manufacture our own engines from scratch and we have to warranty them and our reputation rides on our products. The same effort and technology we put into our own Kiwi engines, we also migrate this into our clients engines. We strip everything from the cases right down to bare aluminum. This includes push rod guides, cam bushings, cam follower pivot shafts/bushings, drive and pinion housings, cylinder base studs and likewise in the transmission.

We inspect your engine and transmission to find out why it failed. Every engine fails for a reason and we try and find that reason and correct the problem since there is no point in rebuilding an engine if it has a defect in it and the re-builder overlooks the defect and the same failure happens again. Maybe it failed because of dirt, bent connecting rods, flywheel thrusting to one side, mismatched cases, poor quality cylinder material, cylinders bored incorrectly (cock-eyed), poor quality parts, running lean, wet sumping. Whatever it maybe, to us it is important to do our detective work so there is no chance of overlooking anything and for to correct the problems.

All our processes can be substantiated by visiting our facility so as you can see it 1st hand the extensive lengths we go to. We have a dedicated engine room that is kept spotlessly clean. All machining and dirty processes are done in a completely different area of the shop and are contained in their own rooms so no cross contamination exists. We have extensive specialty designed and dedicated tooling and jigs in order to do the best job possible. Tooling and jigs are expensive however this investment coupled with our vast knowledge and experience separate us out from everybody else.

All engine specifications, clearances, end floats etc are documented on our specification sheet and kept on file