Blast and Powder coat cylinders.

Re-tap head bolt holes ensuring all threads are perfect.

Cylinders are carefully inspected for cracks, sunken seats, oversized outside diameter valve guides, worn, damaged, loose or leaky intake nipples, odd wear patterns in cylinder bores, pistons, rings, wrist pins and keepers. This all determines possible underlying problems that if they are not picked up, can continue to exist.

New valve guides installed and sized to valve stems.

3 angle valve job using a Serti machine. This is the highest quality valve seat cutting process available and the only way we go. We created a dedicated 3 angle cutter that cuts the seats to the correct 35 degrees each and every time with 100% repeatability. While this is expensive, it is the only way we opt to go.

We use dial indicators and micrometers (not feeler gauges like some) for piston to wall clearance.

Dedicated boring and honing fixtures. Cylinders are bolted down to a dedicated torque plate to simulate it being bolted onto the cases. Cylinders distort approx up to .001 meaning when our cylinders are bolted down to your cases they are perfectly round hence why our engines run with .0035 clearance and our top ends run quiet. Top ends generate a lot of engine noise and we keep our engine builds down to an absolute minimum. Creating a torque plate is an expensive piece of equipment but it is the only way we choose to go in order to do the job properly.

Bore cylinders.

Hone cylinders using a Sunnen CK10 power hone for perfection in sizing, cross hatch and surface finish for optimum compatibility with Indian rings.

Cylinders washed in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Cylinders go through 2 hand washes with hot soapy water.

Cylinder bores are oiled and cleaned with a lint free towel for perfect cleanliness. Any honing grit residue will reduce the life of the rings.

Valve seals installed on intake valves only.

New valve springs installed. Springs are checked on a spring tester for proper pressures.

Check valves for lift and valve springs for coil bind.

Check valve to head clearance at full lift to ensure they clear. Clearance heads if necessary.

Gap rings using a special ring grinder. We do not do this by hand filing.

Pistons are checked for deck height,