Re-surface cam follower push rod contact surface. We have a jig specifically designed for this purpose to duplicate the original factory contour. We do not do this by hand.

Fit new cam follower rollers and rivets.

Re-surface tappet bolts contact surface.

Line ream bushings and then final hone to size. We have a custom made reamer that has been specifically designed to line ream the cam bushings to perfect alignment. After reaming bushings are final honed to size and to obtain the best surface finish possible. This does take a lot of time due to mismatched cam covers that have been interchanged throughout the years but the more attention to the little details, the quieter the valve train operation.

We will be upfront about the huge investment in time we put into the cam train but you will be hard pressed to find a quieter operating engine anywhere.

Note: None of our bushing surfaces are final finished using a reamer. A reamed surface is extremely rough (even though it looks good to the naked eye) however it wears rapidly leading to a worm out bushing in a matter of a short amount of time. All of our surface finishes are finely finished and accurately sized with a Sunnen hone. While the equipment investment is extremely high on our part, it does provide for the best possible job which is what we are about.

Cam gears are checked for mesh and back lash. Gears are lapped in to each other for super quiet operation.

Cam shaft end float checked using dial indicators. End float set using our special shim thrust washers.

Case is checked for cam follower clearance at full lift. Case and lower push rod guide is machined as necessary .